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"....We vow to uphold your highest standard of quality, so you can cherish the moments long

after they escape you."







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we are Alyssa and Aaron. Or Aaron and Alyssa, depending on who you ask ;)  


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I’m a graphic designer and Aaron is a photographer. We call home a 1930's house in Pittsburgh, PA that wouldn't be a home without our rescue dog, Macy. We love each other, but since we're being honest here, we may love her more. The first thing you should know is this: we are self-proclaimed type-A creatives. That is us.  Straight to the point, no sugar coating it.  Just trying to make it, while enjoying what we do.


Our business together started accidentally. Well sorta. We met.. fell in love...(insert life story here).. then decided instead of running two separate companies, I join Aaron at Liquid Light Studios.  Risky, we know, mixing business with pleasure. But, we do it, and it works. 

It is that series of unpredictable events that motivates us to run this business that we love. And somehow, some series of simliar events has landed you here, with us, thinking about embarking on your own creative venture.  We'd love to see where this journey takes you. Don't be shy, take a look at what we do. We know you may have more questions, or at least we hope you do! So head over to the contact page and reach out! We'll be there to catch you however we can!


He is a Pittsburgh, PA based wedding portrait journalist and fashion photographer. Offering the finest in wedding, fashion, glamour, portrait and fine art photography. With over 12 years of experience, the greatest compliment he receives is about his versatility.  Able to mold his technique and personal style of photography to most any situation ensures both unique and timeless imagery to satisfy the eye, along with the client's expectation.

She has been working as a designer for 6 years.  Her meticulous attention to detail makes her an asset to the team. She designs every piece with much care, working with the client's vision to create their one of a kind invitations, logos, albums, and other memorable graphic pieces. The power is in the fine details of her designs that make the images flourish.

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